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2 Strategies for Increasing the ROI of Social Media Marketing

Have you been asking your Social Media Coordinator or Digital team when you will see revenue from all these efforts?  You are not alone. Many companies struggle to find the right combination of initiatives to bring revenue from social media.  


Many Digital teams and social media coordinators will say that social media is “organic” and leads to “indirect” sales that cannot be measured.  While some of that may be true it does not change the fact that there is direct overhead cost to having a social media coordinator and/or a Digital team.  These teams need to drive revenue that more than covers the cost of their salaries, media spend and time.


If you have been waiting longer than 4 months to see a return on investment from your social media efforts, we at SEOMarketing.com are ready to describe our methods to you.  We are digital marketing veterans that are focused on driving revenue and bringing customers to your website.


Leveraging social media and tailored analytics to create customer conversion journeys.


That is a jargon-heavy way of saying we research lots of data before we start spending on content, interacting with custom audiences, or creating ads.  Instead of fitting your campaigns to a basic strategy or guesswork, we work our process around your business to ensure positive responses, increased followers, and a return on your investment. We bring in the right influencers/customers that will drive brand awareness and conversions into your product or service.


First, we ask questions to determine what your business goals are.  If you are an e-commerce website, your goals will be much different from a publisher website.  We make sure we know exactly what you want before we create anything. Below are two general strategies that we use to quickly get into revenue producing campaigns.  

Strategy #1 - Issue Targeting

Attack Customer's Problems, Tasks and Goals

If we determine that your website has the basic requirements in place, we will identify your target audience using our proprietary data-driven persona process.  This process delivers highly specific information about your actual target audience. What’s more important is that we find the words, phrases and terminology your audience uses when looking for your product or service.  This is where SEOMarketing.com differs from all other social media agencies or vendors.


Once we know exactly how your audience talks, we build social media campaigns that target those specific problems, tasks, and goals.  Now we are getting efficient with your time and resources.


We will use your existing budget and immediately start bringing social media traffic to your website for conversion into your products or services.  Social Media ROI, finally.

 Contact us today online or by phone at (561) 602-2835 to tell us about your social media needs.  

Strategy #2 - Influencers Into Affiliates

Turn Influencers Into Affiliates

It seems so simple to us: get influencers into your agreement and turn them into affiliates so they start selling your product or service. Not only does this increase your followers but now you are incentivizing the influencer to sell your product or service. This will create custom audiences and lookalike audiences that we can target and retarget with specific ads. This is another sophisticated process that no other digital marketing agency has.  We know this because we developed this ourselves several years ago. Here is an overview of how we do it.


Unlimited Conversion Opportunities: Other companies have a set list of influencers that is  limiting and won't generate the same success for one client as it does the other.  That’s why instead, we search all of social media to find the ideal influencers for your company’s campaign. Through data collection and careful analysis, we find targeted influencers specifically tailored to your promotion needs.

Unique, Powerful & Value-Strategic Approach: Our unique and engaging 5-Points-of-Contact process increases responses and lowers influencer costs by making influencers truly interested in being an ambassador for your campaign. We pique their interest and establish a relationship to show that your company has something valuable for the influencer to share with their followers.

Highest Negotiation Value Quotient: We negotiate the most influential campaigns tailored to each influencer and client at the best value. Other companies will simply max out your budget. Not us.  We are dedicated to helping your campaign get the most reach for the lowest cost.

Our Process

  • Data Mining: We collect and analyze big data to find the most relevant influencers for your campaign.
  • Identify, Analyze & Rank Influencers:  We sort the identified influencers from highest to lowest revenue impact based on factors like: common followers overlap, number of followers, frequency and quality of engagement, overall reach from engagement, and quality of content / capabilities.
  • 5 Points of Contact:  We softly approach and engage with the influencer to create natural interactions and a ‘sphere of influence’ in which the ideal influencer becomes intrigued before we ever initiate contact.
  • Initiating Contact and Negotiating Influencer Contracts: Once we’ve built up a relationship with the ideal influencers, we approach them with an offer to become an influencer with your campaign and negotiate terms that appeal to both the influencer and to your business.


But there is more you should be thinking about.  When the influencers start amplifying your product or service, we need to measure the effectiveness of this effort.  Here is the answer no one else will give you. Measure it by sales and revenue just like you measure everything else.  No other social media agency will tell you that because they don’t to be measured by tangible results.  Other agencies will point to engagement metrics such as “likes”, “comments” and “shares”. We love those metrics too and we always get them, but we don’t set those as the top priority.  We know that when we get influencers to amplify your product, the engagement metrics happen, but more importantly, so do the sales.

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