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The marketplace for apps is dynamic and extremely fast-paced. Large app stores AppUp, iTunes, Amazon App Store, and Android Market are looking for engaging apps that fit their platform from a content and technology perspective.

That is where we come in. E-worksmedia/SEOMarketing is a nimble app development and consulting shop that navigates the details of implementation, launch and well-timed promotion within business deadlines. Our experience comes from very recent and current app development projects. These apps perform in multiple app stores and platforms and we make sure to include specific device optimization and multiple display types like dual screen display.

Here are the products we offer:

  • App Project Design & Strategy
  • App requirements definition
  • Project Management that meets deadlines
  • Platform Definition and Roll-out Plan (Adobe Air, Android, Mac iOS, Windows, Linux...)
  • App Development (desktop and mobile)
  • Social Media App Development (facebook)
  • Browser Extensions and AddOns
  • App marketing
  • Global exposure tactics

App Project Design - Strategy

So many decisions must be made before the first line of code is written. Having excellent app project strategy, design and requirements will keep your team from wasting months and also allow you to remain flexible when Android, AdobeAir or another major platform call and want your app in their store. One of the first steps is to accurately define the audience. We know how to step through all the initial audience and content strategy decisions. Furthermore, in certain situations, we identify audience segments (in app) to further the success of the monetization model.

Platform and Device Definition

Making an app requires significant thought around the existing app platforms and devices. A strong strategy for which platforms, features and cross-functional abilities will be rolled-out is essential to ensuring continuous positive "word of mouth" traffic and public relations. Each device operates differently and strong testing is essential to avoid bad user experience.

App Marketing - Promotion

Experience in this space is invaluable. Being disciplined enough to write the perfect press release at the perfect time is part of maintaining project momentum while also not over-promising to your new audience. Nothing can kill an app effort like unfulfilled promises and we know how to effectively manage the PR around the many different app communities. We know how to manage the details in social media, product reviews and press releases.

App Development

When you need business focused apps to engage your audience or just need to populate your market space, e-worksmedia/SEOMarketing can execute wealth management, hospitality and other industry apps that target the strongest personas in your audience.

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