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Behavior-Based Marketing Using Machine Learning

Does Your Business Need an Advantage?

So much of your current digital marketing ad budget is wasted on advertising to people that are not ready to purchase your service or product.  Our process identifies people who indicate behavior showing they are ready to interact with your offering.  How do we do that?  We reverse engineered the process so you only interact with business entities.  We find the business information of the people that are researching your product right now.  

Would You Like to Know Which Existing Customers are Considering Leaving? 

Yes, this is possible and we are delivering on this promise.  We created a platform that notifies you when one of your customers is researching a keyword phrase for your product.  Sounds amazing, right?  It's absolutely essential for you to have this insight.  Your sales team can be proactive when a customer is having questions about your service.  

The Technology

Our machine learning rules and artificial intelligence technology identify people that are in very specific purchase patterns.  Our machine learning rules are tracking behavior patterns of over 250 million people in the United States. We leverage the behavior of your targeted audience to know when they are in-market for a purchase.  

We created a sophisticated machine that cross-references your entire customer universe and listens for when any of these people perform certain behaviors online.  When they do, we notify you immediately so you can run ads, email or call them directly. Click on the Free B2B Lead Generation Eval image above to speak with a representative today.

Website Visitor Matching 

Put our tracking pixel on your website and let us provide you with the hashed email addresses of the people who just visited your website.  They don't need to fill out a form or purchase anything for our technology to identify them.  Once your have these hashed emails of your website visitor traffic, we can finally do true omni-channel digital marketing.  Fill out this form today to learn how we can similtaneously run Facebook Ads, Adwords, Amazon store, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and even TV and Radio ads to the visitors of your website.  Now, you can get your message in front of your audience before they purchase from your competitor.

In-Market Audience Targeting - B2B Sales

It doesn't stop there.  We also provide data on people that are in-market for your specific product.  We leverage highly accurate data mapping to monitor your potential audience and alert you when they are researching your competitors.  Did you hear that?  Yes, we can give you the insight you have never had before.  Contact us to learn more about how we listen for your certain signals and send notifications directly to you when your potential customers are ready to act.

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