SEO and Public Relations Home is uniquely suited to enhance the public relations efforts of any corporation, small business, agency or firm. We can work with your existing PR firm or directly coordinate a content publishing strategy that amplifies your message to highly specific audiences. Additionally, we also perform crisis management using proper planning and social media vehicles.

By coordinating the optimization of press releases, marketing newsletters, other public relations content and opinion journalism, the company "conversation" can be shaped and perform proactive and reactive actions.

Our experience with creating new search revenue channels and prescribing a content strategy does not stop there. At, we believe social media networking is a Public Relations function.

Having public dialog with an established community is a strong vehicle for reinforcing the business message, whether for crisis management or customer support. For these and other reasons, we make sure that every contingency is reviewed and internal policies for acceptable usage of company information are created.

Specifically, we offer social bookmarking and social news promotion. We make sure you are getting Diggs, Stumbled and further penetrating new corners of the Internet to attract your qualified audience.

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Tracking and reporting is essential to gaining proper attribution of success for Public Relations and social media efforts. Our project management team records goals, milestones and metrics to demonstrate result trends to clients and top management.

Our overall goal is to produce PR content that shapes and supports the existing conversation regarding your business and industry. In this conversation, we can steer interested visitors to business goals and events.  Our newest strategies include the amplification of press releases in social media ads.  Let us show you some case studies.

If you represent a PR firm, advertising agency or marketing consultancy, we are interested in becoming your SEO vendor of choice. Please contact us directly for a detailed list of our reseller services and a conversation about how we can work with your team.

We are also interested in discussing acquisition by larger advertising, marketing, web development or public relations companies. If your company needs immediate SEO exptertise, personnel and SEO tools, please contact us to arrange a conference call.

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