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We are a Florida-based digital marketing agency celebrating our 22-year anniversary. We specialize in SEO Marketing and Identity Resolution. Our experience includes working with large brands and helping small businesses increase inbound lead generation.  


Local Paver Installation Company Gets Steady Stream of Leads

PUP Pavers is a Florida-based residential and commercial installer of concrete and brick pavers. They needed their website to convert more leads from organic search, Google My Business and paid search. SEOMarketing quickly provided technical SEO adjustments to the website to increase the page speed and conversion rate optimization. Additionally, we created an aggressive schedule of posting images and content to their Google My Business page. Now, PUP Pavers has dominated the Map box and organic search for local SEO keyword terms they need. Leads increased by over 76% within 60 days.

Large Financial Publisher Uses Identity Resolution to Know Their Audience

A large publisher of stock advice and stock research needed a higher conversion rate into their main subscription product. They were using Google Adwords and Facebook Ad remarketing products to try and convert site visitors into their subscription model.

SEOMarketing provided identity resolution, behavior tracking and marketing automation to enhance their Facebook Ads and Adwords campaigns. The results are amazing. By only focusing on the 4% of people that perform significant events on their site relating to stock advice, we increased subscriptions by over 125% within 90 days. Now, we are adding more digital platforms and even sending postcards to people that are in-funnel for the subscription to increase the conversion rate even higher.

Large Data Aggregator Migrates New Acquisition Without Loss of Organic Traffic

Experian is a multinational consumer credit reporting company. When they acquired and needed to bring it into their environment without losing any organic traffic, they called

After providing a detailed migration plan to account for all the moving parts and a method for tracking the indexing of new pages, we provided the confidence they needed to migrate from its existing host into the Experian environment. When there was no room for error, Experian needed an expert with experience and judgement. SEOMarketing ensured no loss of organic traffic and even saw a modest increase.

Huge Gains in Highly-Targeted Traffic and Clicks for Personal Finance Site provides insightful content, calculators and rates on various financial products for consumers. While content was great, their category pages were not ranking well for the high-traffic keyword terms like mortgage rates, mortgage calculator, cd rates, credit cards and more. Their market cap was $140 million.
From 2006 to 2013 leveraged our expertise in-house to optimize its website for search, and drive more organic traffic. Our immediate impact added millions of dollars to the bottom line and resulted in massive year-over-year gains until they were acquired in 2017 for $1.24 billion.

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