Social Media Marketing and Facebook Ads

Instead of targeting keywords, you can target people and interests with social media marketing and Facebook Ads management.

Facebook Ads are not easy

Facebook Ads are not easy to set up or manage. Not sure why they made it so difficult but we are social media marketing experts that know every feature and benefit of Facebook Ad campaign management. We created marketing automations that make better decisions than humans do. If you are spending too much in Facebook Ads and not seeing huge results, contact us. We figured out how to manage social media marketing and Facebook Ads campaigns that drive revenue.

Facebook Ads Campaigns


Targeted Audience – The problem with most Facebook Ads campaigns is who your ads are being sent to. Our social media marketing experts know how to deliver your Facebook Ads to only the people that are ready to purchase, subscribe or download your app. We do this by using our proprietary identity resolution and behavior tracking technology. Now you can know exactly who you are sending your ads to.


Behavior Tracking – Every week we build on the knowledge we gained of your visitors. We segment your visitors by intent and put the right Facebook Ad in front of the right person. Sounds easy, right? It is when you have the best technology.


Marketing Automation – We like to automate things too. Our marketing automations for Facebook Ads leverage AI and machine learning to make sure the right decision is being made for the defined outcome. Our AI has been running for over 2 years so we have trained our system to know exactly how to get the right result for your business. You don’t have to struggle anymore. Let us tell you how we do it.

Social Media Marketing Overview

Social Media Marketing Management

Let us optimize and manage your Facebook Ads, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more. When you need more conversions, we use multi-channel marketing automations to increase revenue to your business. If you are spending more than $20k per month in Facebook Ads campaigns, let us show how you can increase conversions while lowering your ad costs.

Behavior Tracking

If you are not defining your visitors by their behavior, then your retargeting efforts are wasting tons of money. Our technology segments your visitors by their intent so you never pay for ads that don’t have a likelihood to convert. You will only pay for retargeting Facebook Ads that are delivered to real people that want your product.

Best Performing Campaigns

Our Facebook Ads social media campaign management technology will use your best campaign and make it perform better. We use anonymous identity resolution to increase conversions, purchases, subscriptions, and/or downloads.

Campaign Reporting

You will see the performance of your Facebook Ads campaigns in our dashboard. This dashboard shows exactly how much more money you are making and how much more efficient your social media marketing campaigns are.

Facebook Ads Creation

You already have Facebook Ads campaigns that are performing. Our expert team will identify ad variations and our machine learning rules will A/B test into the best performing ad for the next campaign.


Right now you are spending ad budget on robots and other visits that are not ready to buy. Get away from blindly using the retargeting feature and only put your ads in front of real people that are ready to convert.