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Knowing your who your best customer is changes all your digital marketing efforts.  If you don't know who, where or why your best customers are converting, you can't find new ones.  Right now, you are probably happy with converting 10% - 15% of your traffic.  What is happening with the other 85% of visitors that you paid for?  We solve this problem.  

You are operating in a hyper-competitive consumer or B2B environment and need to understand what influences the purchase decisions of your customers.  Once you know this, you can personalize your products and messaging in real-time.  Our technology does this at scale according to the needs and desires of the consumers most likely to buy.'s technology uses AI-driven segmentation and data science to segement and create detailed personas.  Traditional digital agencies and marketing firms use focus-groups and outdated survey data that mostly deliver demographics about a general group of people.'s Behavior-Based Personas deliver immense insight on the actual movement and behavior of your best customers so you know exactly who, where and why they purchased your product.  

With this insight, your Facebook Ads, Google Adwords and other digital campaigns will increase conversion rates while also reducing costs.  

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