Identity Resolution Marketing

We turn anonymous website visitors into engaged customers using real-time identity resolution, behavior tracking and marketing automation.

Identity Marketing

Now that third party cookies are no longer supported by Apple Safari and Google Chrome, your tracking methods must change quickly. We saw this coming in 2016. Let us show the only all-in-one platform combining identity resolution, behavior tracking and marketing automations using AI and machine learning. You don’t need a DMP, CDP or to invest in a team of AI developers because we created the entire platform you need to increase conversions while decreasing ad spend at the same time. What’s even better? We don’t need to touch any PII.



Identity pixel – We perform identity resolution without touching the personally identifiable information (PII) of your visitors. No need for third-party cookies because we only work with your first-party data.


Behavior Tracking – Once we know the identity of your visitors, we can track them across multiple devices as they move through your website. Then our sophisticated segmenting technology finds the visitors that are ready to convert into your subscription, download or purchase.


Marketing Automation – Within seconds we upload these people into multiple platforms like Adwords, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and several others. This is a real multi-channel effort and we use our AI machine learning rules to make sure these people receive the right message at the right time. Boom! Conversions increase.

Identity Marketing Overview

Increase Conversions

We only spend ad budget on people that are ready to convert into your product, subscription or download your app.

Decrease Ad Spend

Since we know which people are ready to convert, we can stop spending on people we know will not convert! Our tech makes you more efficient from the start.


Our behavior tracking creates segments of your visitors based on their readiness to convert. We focus on the High intent people and ignore the rest. All this happens in real-time.

Include / Exclude

If we know who is ready to purchase, subscribe or download, then we can exclude these people from all your other campaigns so you don’t send duplicate ads. Also, once we know a person is ready to buy we can include them in a very specific campaign that speaks directly to them.

Reduce Click Fraud

Right now, you are spending on bots that come from Facebook Ads and Adwords. Our tech stops all that by scoring every visitor to your website. We know who is a real person and who is not. Using our technology, we can make sure that you never spend more ad budget on bots.

Know Your Audience

When you can segment your visitors by how likely they are to purchase or convert, you can dramatically increase your conversion rate while reducing costs. Finally, you can know who, when and WHY your visitors converted.